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My life is full of surprises! One minute I am up and the next I am down. My emotions are like a roller coaster these days, but I still wouldn't change my life for anything in the world. I love each and every day. I want to do something meaningful in my life and leave a impact on the people I meet and know. I want to make a difference. I struggle with everyday problems just like ALL of us do, I just feel that how we deal with problems define who we are. We have to push forward in life and don't let things hold us back. Smile it's so worth it!!! And laugh like no one is listening, you never know whose life you might touch in that very momemt. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Never feeling good enough....

I have always had this feeling ever since I was a teenager or childhood actually. I have never felt good enough to be loved or in sports...just in general. I know somewhat of what it stems from but that's besides the point and it can't be changed now. So my big question is how do you move on from these feelings. I do my best to be encouraging and uplifting everyday, it doesn't always work but I give it a try everyday. It's always so easy for me to uplift others or lend a helping hand, in fact I love doing that!! I would rather sit and listen and give advice or help a friend then to tell myself one good qaulity I see in myself. I constanly feel like I am not good enough and struggle to find that self worth...why I don't know. I really wish it wasn't this hard, I see the confidence and radiant beauty in others and I always think to myself why can't I have that. Is this a normal woman thing or am I really just too hard on myself? I just really want to know are there others out there that feel the same way? Sometimes I think that if we all opened up a little bit more than it would lighten the load off of others. Alot of our problems are started cause we feel alone and that no one else struggles with what we are going through. So if there is anyone out there that feels the same way I would like to know and maybe we can come up with encouraging words to help on a daily basis. :) Just random thoughts and feelings that usually run through my mind on a daily basis but I never act on it, I just always push it aside and move on.

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  1. I think we are all too hard on ourselves. But I think that a large part of it has to do with the sin nature that is within us.
    I know that I will NEVER be "good enough" but that's what's great about God. I don't have to be. Thank God the He sent his son -the ONLY one- who was ever good enough (in fact well beyond that) so that I can be accepted. One thing I have to work to do is accept that acceptance.
    You are loved, and worhty of that love, even if there was no human who loved you God YOUR FATHER loves you more than we will ever comprehend. You are just doubly bless because there are MANY others that love you too. (Me included in that).