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My life is full of surprises! One minute I am up and the next I am down. My emotions are like a roller coaster these days, but I still wouldn't change my life for anything in the world. I love each and every day. I want to do something meaningful in my life and leave a impact on the people I meet and know. I want to make a difference. I struggle with everyday problems just like ALL of us do, I just feel that how we deal with problems define who we are. We have to push forward in life and don't let things hold us back. Smile it's so worth it!!! And laugh like no one is listening, you never know whose life you might touch in that very momemt. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Letting God take control

All my life I have always tried to handle my issuses, conflict, etc. on my own. I didn't think I needed help, I could just deal with it myself. I accepted the Lord when I was 11 but even after that I have always had that stubborn side that said I can handle this. Well guess what I can't....I have been so consumed lately with so many different emotions. This year I have dealt with heartbreak, sadness, anger pretty much all of the above which is not different than anyone else. My problem is becuase I don't give it all to the Lord and try to handle it myself that it starts to consume me. And before I know I am an angry person and I definitely don't want to be angry or upset or hurt or any of those things. I want to wake up everyday thankful for another day to live my life and share the Lord with others. So I pray that the Lord will take my burden and angry, sadness all away and help me to see everything through his eyes. I will never be perfect I will constantly make mistakes and I will pray and ask for forgivness and help more times than I can count but I always know that the Lord will help me through all of that each step of the way. I just have to ask him! So if anyone else out there is caring a load on their shoulders let it go, cause he wants us to turn to him and say Lord take it all away and help me. He wants to be needed and for me to talk to him everyday. He LOVE's me and that's a feeling that no one can ever take away! I pray for all my friends and family out there who have heavy hearts.

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